Welcome to SHUCAI!!

We are a company focused on helping people gain access to fresh, high quality vegetables. We work in the Cameron Highlands area and it’s our focus to plant and deliver fresh veggies to every customer.



We are specialized in a vast range of leafy vegetables, kai-lan, Chinese Parsley, lettuce, white sweet corn, abalone mushrooms, brinjal, Japanese cucumbers, chilies, cabbage, cherry tomatoes, siew pak choy, tomatoes, cucumber and many others.



With more than 100 acres of farm area, we try to bring in as much diversity as possible with each one of our products. We always strive to help customers eat healthily, while also encouraging them to lose weight naturally with amazing, fresh vegetables.


Quality Control

Our farm has more than 100 workers focused on production, quality control, as well as management and sales. It’s our commitment to provide only high quality results, and you can rely on our team to bring in the efficiency and support you may need. On top of that, we are always here to help, and we can handle a variety of order types, regardless of their size.

Why choose us?

We have our own farm and we have complete control over how every vegetable is grown. We only follow the best and highest standards in the industry, and we work very hard to bring in solutions that you can always rely on. In addition, we also have our own, dedicated packaging and quality control, customer support and sales team.

We also provide an after-purchase service, so if you have any questions, concerns or inquiries, our customer relations team will assist you as quickly as possible. SHUCAI is the ultimate provider for high quality, fresh vegetables in Cameron Highlands, so don’t hesitate and contact us today for orders of all sizes!

Our motto is fresh and quality.